Building a community of FOLGORY-LOYALTY and FLGC Token

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* Total supply :
20,000,000 (20 million) FLGC
* Pre-sale of ICO :
10,000,000 (20 million) FLGC
* Website check 1:
* Website check 1:

Introduced for the first time in early 2020, the FOLGORY-LOYALTY project has attracted a lot of attention in the technology field because the project has focused on solving the biggest problem of Blockchain that was applied to our daily lives.

FLGC Token Charts

  • $0.0565 -4.07 %

    Current Sell

  • $0.0575 -4.01 %

    Current Buy

FOLGORY-LOYALTY's ecosystem consists of


  • A community of FOLGORY-LOYALTY and FLGC Token.

E-commerce platforms

  • Visa Blockchain Wallet which is compatible with almost E-commerce platforms.


  • Cryptocurrency exchange.

Visa Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain wallet is very popular for several reasons

Low transaction fees

Transaction fees for many cryptocurrencies are free or very small.

Convenience in transactions

When using cryptocurrency, people can send and receive money immediately with unlimited money.

Safer for users

Transactions are verified to be safe and irreversible, contain no sensitive customer informations. Businesses do not need to worry about fraud, do not need to know too much about customer informations and especially do not need to depend on third party to make purchases such as credit cards.

High transparency

Due to the use of blockchain technology, the informations related to the supply of cryptocurrency are available on the blockchain for anyone who wants to verify and use can follow.

Potential for E-commerce development:

In electronic transactions, people tend to pay online and the use of cryptocurrencies will be considered as a potential to develop E-commerce in the future